Metafact App

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About Metafact App

The MetaFact app is an integral part of our media literacy and Metafixer strategy. The purposeful personalisation algorithm that is part of the app works towards bringing people out of their information bubbles by understanding their reading habits and providing them with suggestions to take different points of view into consideration when developing an informed opinion. The app will also be trained to have a conversation with the user to answer simple questions, like a normal internet search, but with more specific results. Going forward, our app and AI tool will be aligned so that if a user receives any sort of rumour based or questionable message on dark social platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram etc, they can forward it to our app, and if the said rumour/claim has already been fact checked, it will display that result in the context of the specific entities mentioned in the message. If that particular rumour has not been checked, our in-house investigators will check the story with our tool, and then send the results back to the user. As we are a social enterprise (under SDG 16 of the UN), we have decided to provide these services free of cost.