How it Works


We identify fake and fabricated content through our NLP powered tool and mobile first citizen journalism reports.
  • Context aware claim retreival
  • Entity Extraction of the claims
  • Geolocation targeted sentiment inconsistencies
  • Decentralized publisher ranking
  • Virality threshold flags


We deconstruct story to find all entities associated with the story and examine each entity to find a new angle to the story.
  • Compositional semantic parsing
  • Question construction from facts
  • Finding Key Entities
  • Matching individual entities with previous claims.

Source Extraction

Our experienced team gets to the source in real time with the help of technology.
  • Checking Social handles.
  • Geolocating stories and influencers.
  • Public Reports.

Extract Facts

AI powered tools help journalists uncover facts in no time and do enriched reporting.
  • Relation Extraction with Entities like topics,people, companies & organisations
  • Facts from public data
  • Reverse search

Final Opinion

We give non-partisan and non-biased opinion on the researched facts.
  • Finalizing Fake news category
  • MetaFact opinion