Video From Film Shooting Shared As True Incident Of Soldiers Fighting At Border

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A video of wounded soldiers has been circulated on social media, with the claim that the incident is real and tries to highlight the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

Source: Facebook.

What Happened: A video has received a lot of traction recently on Facebook. The video shows wounded soldiers at what appears to be a border outpost. It is accompanied by a patriotic song, as the wounded soldiers share light moments among themselves while braving the harsh living conditions of a border posting. The video has received over 20k shares, with thousands more people commenting on the posts and reposts. Everyone has lauded the brave soldiers, expressing their sympathy and appreciation of the hardships soldiers undergo on behalf of their country. The video has also been extensively shared on Indian army fan pages and groups.

Facts: The video is water-marked by Gur Star, along with an instagram handle: @official_gurstar. A simple search of this username reveals that the person in the video is actually a model and actor, and that the video is the post is actually from a film shooting.

The actor had also posted pictures from the shoot, which are easily visible on his Instagram account.

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