Video Of Congress Committee President Kamal Nath With False Claims Goes Viral On Social Media Shared By BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra

By: Pradarshi Paul

Claim: A video of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee president Kamal Nath has been shared by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on social media that claims Kamal Nath had promised Muslims clerics that the Congress will ‘deal with the Hindus‘ after the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, but for now, ‘Muslims should stand with the Congress.’

Source: Facebook, Twitter, online news portals.

What Happened: A video had been shared on Twitter by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra of MP Congress Committee president Kamal Nath that is captioned as follows:The “fancy dress Hindus” are exposed yet again…Kamalnath ji promises the Muslim clerics that the Congress will surely deal with the Hindus after the election…for now the Muslims should stand with the Congress!’

This tweet has been retweeted over 11k times.

During the BJP press briefing on the 14th of November in New Delhi, Dr Sambit Patra had hit back at Rahul Gandhi and claimed that Indian National Congress is spreading hate against the BJP and RSS behind closed doors.

Facts: The version or the caption that Sambit Patra had highlighted is not the whole truth. The Congress released a statement on the video, arguing that the BJP had put out a ‘fake video’ and that Nath was making a reference only to the BJP, RSS, and other right-wing Hindutva forces, not the Hindu community in general. This is confirmed by a News18 report.

Moreover, simply listening to the video makes it clear that Kamal Nath is talking specifically about the RSS and not Hindus in general. Facebook users have shared this video but have mentioned Kamal Nath was talking about the RSS.

Conclusion: The background to this video is the fact that the Congress had released its manifesto ahead of the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, in which it has promised that RSS shakhas will not be allowed in any government buildings and premises if the party comes into power. The false claim made by Sambit Patra is clearly a reaction to this, attempting to spread fear-mongering propaganda about the Congress targeting all Hindus while appeasing Muslims.



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