Trimmed Video Of Kanhaiya Kumar Goes Viral On Social Media

By: Pradarshi Paul

Claim: A short clip of Kanhaiya Kumar is doing the rounds on social media that claims he converted to Islam because it preaches equality when compared to other religions.

Source: Twitter, Facebook.

What Happened: A 35 second long video of Kanhaiya Kumar has gone viral on social media that claims he had converted to Islam because it preaches equality. He can be heard saying that he is an Indian Muslim and did not come from Arabia.

This post had also been shared on Twitter by the same user.

Social media users attacked Kanhaiya Kumar on the basis that he had hidden this from the media and portrayed himself as a ‘low-caste Hindu’.

Some social media users also questioned him referring to Islam as a peaceful religion.

Film director Vivek Agnihotri also jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting this video clip of JNU leader Kanhaiya Kumar on the 12th of November, with the following caption: Azaadi premi, #UrbanNaxals ke maseeha, tukdon ke paigambar, Secular Janaab Kanhaiya taking about his religion publicly.” This translates to: “The messenger of Urban Naxals and the prophet of partition is talking about his religion publicly.”

This has been retweeted more than 4k times.

Facts: We found that this short clip is in fact part of a much longer 34 minute video. This video is from August 2018, at an event in Nanded, where among the topics discussed were Islamophobia and the need for education about the Muslim community in India. It was posted by One channel on YouTube.

It was also evident that while sharing the video the actual logo of One channel had been removed. Kanhaiya Kumar was actually quoting Abdul Kalam Azad, a well known Indian freedom-fighter, in the video. Another part of the clipping that was tweeted by Agnihotri, where Kumar is saying “Allah taala will protect us”, has also been taken out of context. In reality, here Kumar was referring to politicians, who pander to communal instincts under the guise of fake promises. His point was actually about Muslim communities standing up for their religion and their God.

Conclusion: This is not the first time where a trimmed video has triggered communal sentiments, which made this video go viral.  Moreover, Vivek Agnihotri’s Twitter profile has previously been blocked for violating rules and he was forced to take down an abusive tweet against actor Swara Bhasker. There has been no news that the former JNU leader has converted to Islam. He was only expressing his views on the religion.

False/Edited Video


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