Old Video Of Shiv Sena Members Assaulting Muslims Resurfaces On Social Media With A Misleading Claim

Claim: A video has gone viral on social media that claims that Hindus took out swords at a market place because Muslims were seen waving Islamic flags.

Source: YouTube, Facebook.

What Happened: A video of clash between Hindu and Muslims has been going viral on social media recently. The post has a caption in Hindi that reads:#हिंदुओं_ने_तलवारें क्या निकाल लीं =#मुसलमान_भाग_खड़े हुए हिन्दू बाजार में इस्लामिक झंडा लगाने को लेकर हुआ बवाल’

This translates as: Hindus took out the sword and then the Muslims ran. The conflict started because Muslims were waving Islamic flags in a Hindu market

This post has been shared more than 62k times and continues to be widely shared at the time of writing.

It has also received a huge number of reactions and comments.

Facts: The post that has been shared recently was actually uploaded a year ago by a Facebook page named CM Yogi Adityanath.

When we tried to find the original images of the incident through a Google reverse image search, we were taken to an article on Scroll.in. It emerged that this video is in fact from 2016, when Shiv Sena members clashed with Muslim men in Phagwara city in Punjab.

We also found the same video on YouTube with the following description, ‘Shiv Sena and Muslim organisations clash in Phagwara. Police let things get out of control’. This video was also published back in July 2016.

This old video that has resurfaced on social media has a lot more detail to it than has been revealed by the pro-right wing pages that are sharing it. This video is actually of Shiv Sena members who violently attempted to shut shops of Muslims in Phagwara market area to protest against disruptions during the Amarnath Yatra, an annual pilgrimage made by thousands of Hindus every year.

Conclusion: This footage is not a recent Hindu-Muslim clash but a communal political tactic that had been used two years ago disguised as a protest to fuel communal violence. It has now been re-shared as communal propaganda.


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