Old Pictures Of Kargil War Vet Resurfaces On Social Media Calling For Aid

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A set of pictures have resurfaced on social media claiming that an Army vet is languishing in Delhi without any aid, and has been reduced to cleaning utensils in a juice shop.

Source: Facebook.


What Happened: A set of pictures have been shared on social media recently claiming that an army veteran who had fought for the country in Kashmir has been forced to wash glasses in juice shop due to poverty and a lack of assistance from the government. The post has been shared with the following caption:


‘जूस की अपनी दुकान में बर्तन धो रहा कारगिल युद्ध का हीरो

लांसनायक सतवीर सिंह ,

सर्विस सेवा मेडल से सम्मानित

डिफेंस ने पूरी मदद की

लेकिन नेताशाही अफसर शाही से मिली निराशा

पेट्रोल पंप आवंटन की फ़ाइल भी दबी पड़ी कहीं

पैसे के अभाव में दो बेटों की पढ़ाई भी छूटी

पाकिस्तान से मिली एक गोली अभी भी पैर में है बाकी निकाल दी गयीं

मिली 5 बीघा जमीन को भी छीन लिया गया

बैसाखी का सहारा

This can be translated as: ‘This hero of the Kargil war is cleaning utensils in a juice shop, his name is Lance Naik Satbir Singh. He was also awarded with a service seva medal. Defense has done its job but local offices have disappointed. His file for petrol pump allocation was also suppressed, and the education of two sons was not completed. A bullet from the war against Pakistan is still caught in his foot and the five bighas of land he had received was forcefully taken away.’

This post received over a hundred and fifty shares within a day of being made, and was getting even more at the time of writing. A number of Facebook users have independently shared this set of pictures along with the same narrative on their wall. The post has also made its way to Twitter, however the number of people tweeting about it is fairly small.

Facts: The narrative shared by these posts has some truth to it, but is lacking in detail as well as context, and is therefore not completely true. These images, along with the plight of Lance Naik Satbir Singh, were shared repeatedly earlier this year, and were also featured by national news portals.


After the image was shared multiple times on social media, the Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, made a statement in Parliament pointing out that all dues of the army vet had been paid. She also clarified that the army was ready to provide him further assistance should he require it. The Defence Ministry also released statements that Lance Naik Satbir Singh has been issued certificates by DGR for allotment of Oil Product Gas Agency, as well as his regular monthly pension.

Conclusion: Social media can often act as a genuine force for good, bringing injustice and wrongdoings into the public spotlight and forcing people in power to act upon it. However, in this case a resolved issue has resurfaced on social media. Metafact strongly suggests that users check the authenticity of news stories like these before sharing it. Usually, a simple google search is all it takes to determine whether a story is new or not.


Partially True/ Misleading

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