Old Picture Of Devotees Taking A Dip In Yamuna River Resurfaces On Social Media Warning Of Impending Apocalypse

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A picture of devotees bathing in Yamuna river while river is covered in froth has been shared by multiple people on social media claiming that the picture is recent and the condition of the river heralds an imminent apocalypse.

Source: Facebook and Twitter.

What Happened: A picture of the Yamuna river from Delhi has been shared on social media with the claim that it is a recent picture and the environmental situation is a dire one, bordering on apocalyptic.The image has been shared with the caption:

Apocalypse Now: People offering prayers at River Yamuna, India, which is frothing from industrial waste

One of the first posts, shared on the 18th of November, 2018, has received over 9k shares and close to 3k reactions at the time of writing this report.

However, quite a few people also expressed reservations, questioning whether the image is real because of its dramatic nature.

Facts: The image of a highly polluted Yamuna river and devotees taking a dip in that water is indeed true. However, the picture is not a recent one, and was clicked during the Chhath Puja celebrations in November, 2016. The image was first published in the Indian Express along with other pictures of Chhath Puja celebrations in Delhi, and the report was titled: ‘Yamuna river: Sea of froth welcomes devotees on Chhath Puja

The images were subsequently published by other websites like Indiatimes and ScoopWoop in 2016 to highlight the level of pollution in Delhi and how devotees still took a dip in the highly polluted river.

Conclusion: With the spread of fake and false information on the internet a lot of people assume overly dramatic images to be false or manipulated. However, in this case an old image was used to create awareness about the deteriorating condition of the Yamuna.According to this report, the condition of Yamuna was similar if not worse during the Chhath Puja this year.

Partially True

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