Old Photoshopped Images Of Rahul Gandhi Checking Racy Pictures On Phone Resurface On Social Media

By: Soumadi Dey

Claim: A picture of Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi seemingly looking at semi-pornographic pictures of women on his mobile phone has been shared on social media.

Source: Facebook.

What Happened: A picture of Rahul Gandhi looking at a picture of a woman in a bikini has resurfaced on social media. The picture has been shared to a group called ‘Hindutva’, which is known for spreading pro right-wing disinformation and propaganda. The picture has already received more than 270 reshares, and the number of people interacting on the image is rapidly increasing.

Most people made derogatory comments about the picture and how it was unbecoming of a political leader to do this in public. The image was shared with the caption: ‘पप्पू ये क्या देख रहा है ?’,  which translates to ‘Pappu, what are you watching?’

This is not the first time that the picture has been spread on social media. Earlier in July, the same picture was shared with a similar caption. At that time, some of the posts were shared over 10k times. Some of those posts continue to be shared.

Facts: The picture is completely false, and has been digitally altered to add the smartphone with the picture of a woman. The digital manipulation is obvious on closer inspection. If you look closely, Rahul Gandhi’s right thumb seems stunted, and both thumbs appear to be of a different color.

The original image can be found online quite easily, and is in fact from Getty Images, and Rahul Gandhi is actually holding some currency notes The picture was taken when Rahul Gandhi carried thousand rupee note denominations to the bank during demonetization.

Conclusion: Social media users are advised to double check any sensitive content before re-sharing it, preferably from reputed sources. Badly photoshopped images like this one can be easily identified, but there are far better quality ones out there being employed for propaganda. Metafact had earlier debunked how similar photoshopped image of women holding placards saying “Modi Chor” was shared on Social Media


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