Old And Misleading Video Resurfaces On Social Media With New Narrative About Hindus Being Mistreated In Pakistan

By: Pradarshi Paul

Claim: A video has been making the rounds on Facebook with the allegation that Hindus are being mistreated in Pakistan.

Source: Facebook, YouTube.

What Happened: A video has been widely circulated on Facebook with the following caption: देखें कि पाकिस्तान में हिंदुओं के साथ क्या होता है’ ( Look what happens in Pakistan with the Hindus)’.

In the video, members of the Pakistani police enter houses and lathi-charge the residents.

This video has been shared widely by Facebook users with the same claim recently.

This video has also been shared previously, throughout the year.

One particular page that has repeatedly shared this video with this particular narrative is a Facebook page called I Support Narendra Bhai Modi Bjp.

This page had shared this video in December, 2017. Religious attacks on minorities are not uncommon in Pakistan, with Christians being frequently targeted. However, Hindus are victims as well, as are Muslim minority sects like the Ahmadis.  

Facts: When attempting to determine the actual source of the video, we came across this video on Youtube posted in August, 2017, where IndiaTV did a fact-check on it. So this is clearly not a new video, but one that has been resurfacing repeatedly.

According to IndiaTV, this video is from Punjab, Pakistan, and this video was shot before May 2015. They also claimed that in May 2015, there were no incidents against Hindus, but in March 2015 a church was attacked, and the Pakistani Christian community staged protests. During these protests, two Muslim youths were lynched, and the Punjab police took retaliatory measures against Christians.

When we ran our own search on this video, we came across the same video with a claim about Christians being tortured in Pakistan. This video was uploaded on YouTube on the 25th of May, 2015.

However, as we ran more searches, we discovered an older version of the same video with a more generic claim about the Pakistani Police torturing civilians in their houses. This video was uploaded in October, 2014.

Conclusion: This is an old video that has been clearly recycled as disinformation by people with a communal and Islamophobic agenda. However, we have not been able to determine who the people being attacked in the video are, as no reputable news agencies, in Pakistan or elsewhere, have covered this story specifically. Should we find more details, we will update this story accordingly.

False/Misleading Old Video

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