Misleading Video Of Rahul Gandhi Goes Viral On Social Media Claiming He Converted To Islam

By: Pradarshi Paul

Claim: A video of Rahul Gandhi has gone viral on social media claiming he has converted to Islam.

Source: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

What Happened: A video clip of Congress President Rahul Gandhi is being widely circulated on social media that claims he has converted to Islam after the recent Assembly election results.

A Facebook page called ModiNama was one of the first to share this video, which was then picked up and shared extensively, mostly across the pro-right wing pages in the Indian social media ecosystem.

Another Facebook page named the Argumentative Indian has posted the video with the following caption in Hindi: चुनाव ख़त्म होते ही दिखा राहुल का कट्टरा मुस्लिम वाला अंदाज़’.

This translates to: ‘After the Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi showed his orthodox Muslim leanings.’

Many individual Facebook users also shared this video.


The video was widely shared on Twitter  as well.

Facts: This video of Rahul Gandhi is in fact from 2016, and not after the recently concluded Assembly elections as claimed by the various posts. The Indian Express and Outlook were among the national publications that had covered Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya. Soon after, he also visited the Kichaucha Sharif Dargah in Ambedkar Nagar on the 9th of September, 2016.

A hindi news channel named Samay Live had uploaded this video on the 10th of September, 2016, when covering Gandhi’s visit to the dargah.

Conclusion: This video is simply falsified political propaganda aimed at Rahul Gandhi after his party won three significant state elections recently. The fact that it became viral so quickly speaks to the bandwagon element inherent in political vitriol like this, especially since it has religion as a trigger.


False/Misleading Captioning


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