Misleading Picture Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Viral On Social Media

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeping in the open in front of his own statue has been shared on social media, with the claim that the actor turned politician was forced to sleep in the rough after a hotel he inaugurated refused to give him a room.

Source: Facebook.

What Happened: A picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been circulating on social media, with the claim that he was forced to sleep outside after a hotel refused him room.

The post has been shared on Facebook with the following caption in Hindi: ‘हालीवुड के एक्शन हीरो और बाडी बिल्डर एथलीट रहे अर्नोल्ड श्वार्ज़नेगर ने एक फोटो पोस्ट की है -अपनी मूर्ति के नीचे सोते हुए जो उस होटल मे लगी है जिसका फीता उन्होने कैलीफोर्निया के गवर्नर रहते काटा था ,होटल ने उनकी मूर्ति लगाते हुए उन्हे आजीवन होटल मे रूम फ्री मे देने की घोषणा की थी , रिटायर होने के बाद एक दिन होटल में रूम मांगने पर होटल ने बुकिंग फुल है कह मना कर दिया , अपनी ही मूर्ति के पास सोये और लिखा –

पद और रसूख जाने के बाद दुनिया आपके लिए एक आम आदमी की तरह है , या फिर कहूं -सम्मान हमेशा समय और स्थिति का होता है पर इंसान उसे अपना समझ लेता है

*इससे सीखो और जियो* और कभी भी पद का अहंकार मत करो क्योंकि जिस दिन पद और कुर्सी गई उस दिन आप महज एक जनता की भीड़ के मानव मात्र रह जायेंगे।

This can be translated as: ‘Hollywood’s action hero and bodybuilder athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a photo of himself sleeping under his statue. It is located in a hotel which was inaugurated by him when he was California’s governor. At the time of installing the statue, the hotel had promised him free lodging whenever he wanted. But after Arnold retired from the post of Governor he went and asked to stay there, the hotel refused him lodging because it was full. He was forced to sleep outside beside his own statue and posted this picture….’

This picture and its accompanying narrative has been shared by a huge number of people on Facebook, mostly as a motivational post.

Facts: However, as it turns out, the narrative along with the picture is completely false and fabricated. The image, however, is true, and the man sleeping in front of the statue is indeed Arnold Schwarzenegger. The statue in the picture is not located at a hotel but is actually outside the downtown convention center in the city of Columbus, so the claim of the actor inaugurating a hotel is completely false.

The photograph is from January 2016, and was taken while the Hollywood star was shooting a film in Columbus, Ohio. Schwarzenegger had posted the same image on his Instagram account on the 15th of January, 2016, as a joke.

Conclusion: This an example of how a photograph that was originally shared as a joke was re-shared with a completely concocted narrative merely to generate shares and reactions from social media users. The same narrative was earlier shared in English and was debunked by Snopes, the fact checking portal. Clearly, someone translated it into Hindi and started circulating it on Indian pages.


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