Misleading Images Used To Create Social Awareness About Rape Victim

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A picture of a woman being led by a female police officer has been shared on social media, with the claim that the woman has been arrested for killing two people who tried to rape her. The image is being shared as a screenshot, asking people whether or not she made the right decision.


Source: Facebook.

What Happened: A screenshot of a woman being escorted by a female police officer has been shared with a caption in Bengali which can be translated as :

Two people tried to rape this sister, in return she killed those two people. This is why police are taking her into custody, Did she do the right thing? Want to know your valuable inputs. Yes or No. Share this post as much as possible


The post has crossed over 200 shares at the time of writing this article, with the numbers increasing. A large number of people also commented yes, expressing their solidarity with the woman as they believed the narrative to be true.

However, this is not the first time that this narrative and picture has been circulated on Facebook. Earlier, the same posts were shared but the caption was in Hindi.

The Hindi posts have also received a fair number of shares and comments from Facebook users.

Facts: The image is not a recent one, and the narrative attached to it is completely false. The woman in the picture is advocate Shubha Shankarnarayan, who was arrested and found guilty of of murdering her fiancé B.V. Girish, a software engineer, in 2003. The others convicted in the crime were Shubha’s lover, D. Arun Varma, his cousin and A. Venkatesha.

Here are pictures from the same day that proves that the woman in the picture is Shubha Shankarnarayan.


Conclusion: False and misleading images are frequently used by false news perpetrators because the emotional appeal of such narratives generates more shares, eyeballs, and clicks. Metafact had recently debunked a similar story, where a misleading image was being shared to promote the idea of the public execution of rapists.

False/Misleading Caption

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