False Video Of Pakistani Flag Waving At Congress Rally Shared On Social Media Platforms

Claim: A video from a Congress rally has been shared on social media with the claim that the Pakistani Flag was waved during the event.

Source: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter

What Happened: A video from a Congress rally has started circulating on WhatsApp with the claim that the national flag of Pakistan was being waved during the event. The video has been shared with the following description:

कैसे सौंप दे कांग्रेस को

ये वतन हिंदुस्तान का,


हमने देखा है तुम्हारी रेली मैं झंडा



ये विडिओ जरुर देखे’

This can be translated as: ‘How can we give this nation to the Congress, we have seen Pakistan’s flag being waved at a Congress rally. Everyone must watch this video.’

This video and narrative have also made their way to Twitter and Facebook. A huge number of people are still sharing this video from their individual profiles, which indicates that the video is being circulated via various WhatsApp groups.

Facts: The video shows a green flag with the Islamic symbols of the star and the crescent moon being waved along with a Congress flag during a rally. At first glance, the flag does bear a strong resemblance to that of Pakistan. However, the video and narrative are in fact completely false. A closer inspection reveals that there is no white band at the side of the flag like that of Pakistan.

The flag at the rally actually represents the Indian Union Muslim League, which is similar to that of Pakistan, but does not have the white band along the left side, and is also a different shade of green. The crescent is also reversed when compared to the Pakistan flag.

Here are the flags of the IUML and that of Pakistan side by side for better reference.

Conclusion: The sheer number of videos circulating on social media makes it very hard for users to ascertain whether a particular narrative is true or false. However, in this case, a closer look made it obvious that this narrative is false. Social media users need to understand that if such an event actually took place it would be front page national news.


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