Fake Shein Offer For Selecting Brand Ambassador Viral On Instagram

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A screenshot claiming that the well known clothing brand, Shein, is recruiting for the position of Junior Brand Ambassador has been widely circulated on social media, particularly on Instagram.

Source: Instagram.

What Happened: A screenshot has been circulating on Instagram, with the claim that Shein, the well-known clothing brand, is recruiting for the position of Junior Ambassador. The post claims that any Instagram user with more than 200 followers is eligible, and all they have to do is share the screenshot.

The image has been shared by multiple people on Instagram stories where they tagged the ‘Shein_in Instagram’ handle. The post asks people to to follow the Instagram handle Shein_Delhi, and tag them in their Instagram stories. In return, they promised to directly message the people who are selected. The selected candidates are promised free Shein clothing and gift cards.

The post has received over 2k likes on Instagram, and there is no way to ascertain how many people shared it on their story. However, Metafact came across a number of profiles who had shared it in their stories, tagged their friends, and commented on the post in the hopes of becoming the Shein brand ambassador.

Facts: The post is false and there is no such recruitment happening. With such a large number of people tagging Shein_in in their stories, the  official account released an official post clarifying that this was a fake promotion.. The Shein_india Instagram profile also released a similar post with the picture in their story to make followers aware that no such recruitment drie is actually taking place. The post reads:

It has come to our attention that some of our followers are being misled by fraudulent Instagram accounts claiming to be SHEIN. These accounts have re-posted several posts of @shein_in and shared an announcement recruiting SHEIN Junior Ambassadors.’

The post by shein_in also mentioned accounts including shein_delhi as fake and advised followers not to believe in such fraudulent posts.

Conclusion: A number of fake Instagram profiles take advantage of a brand simply to gain followers. While this is the first time Metafact debunked a false narrative circulating on Instagram, if you come across posts that promise free accessories for sharing the post and a follow be sure that there is a high chance that it is fake. Follow us to get the latest updates about false narratives.

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