Fake Images And Narrative Used To Spread Disinformation About BJP Leader Transporting Beef In Gujarat

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: A video has been widely shared on social media, with the claim that a BJP leader was caught transporting beef in Gujarat. The video is made of a few images strung together with a connecting voiceover, which claims that the BJP leader wanted to start communal riots by throwing beef in front of a temple.

Source: Facebook and YouTube.

What Happened: A video has been making the rounds on Facebook, with the claim that a BJP leader was arrested in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for transporting beef. The video shows a picture of a man sitting on a road with meat strewn around him. The male voiceover of the video states that the beef has been seized from the car of a BJP leader in Gujarat.

The caption for the video in Hindi is: ‘‘गुजरात में BJP कार्यकर्ता गऊ मास के साथ पकड़े गए दंगा करवाने की कोशिश विफल’, which translates to: ‘BJP leader caught with Cow meat in Gujarat’. The speaker claims that this incident took place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and the BJP leader wanted to drop the meat in front of a temple, which would lead to communal violence. He also asks everyone to share the video widely because the mainstream media will ignore this story. The video has received over 48 thousand shares so far.

Some other pictures have also been used in the video. In one of them, two men are sitting on the ground surrounded by five men, one of whom is wearing a police uniform. Another picture shows the meat was apparently inside the trunk of a car with a Gujarat number plate and the BJP party symbol.

The video had earlier also been shared individually by a few people and pages. The posts were then shared with the caption: ‘Gujarat BJP exposed .bjp car caught transporting cow meat’

The video has also been uploaded to YouTube as well.

Facts: The news of a BJP leader caught transporting beef in Gujarat is completely false. The images used in the video are not related, and the description used in the video is completely fake. The first image is actually from 2017, and the incident took place in Jharkhand, not Gujarat. The man in the picture is Alimuddin Ansari, a meat trader from the village of Mouna. He was lynched by a mob who suspected him of transporting beef in June, 2017.

The same screenshot was used by the BBC Hindi news portal.

Conclusion: A completely fabricated narrative was created using unrelated pictures to spread anti-BJP propaganda. While communalized fake news is circulated on social media quite often, it is surprising to see so many people fall for an obviously false narrative, as such a story would have gathered more than a little media attention.


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