Aam Aadmi Party Shares Images Of Erasmus Bridge From Rotterdam As Signature Bridge In Delhi

By: Soumadip Dey

Claim: The official Twitter handle of the Aam Aadmi Party released a set of pictures claiming that it was of the recently opened Signature Bridge. However, other social media users were quick to point out that the pictured bridge was in fact from outside India.

Source: Twitter.

What Happened: The official Twitter handle of the Aam Aadmi Party shared a set of pictures which it claimed were of the newly opened Signature Bridge in Delhi. The description of the tweet read as follows:  “Delhi ! Here is your pride. The Signature Bridge. Ready to welcome you tomorrow for Inauguration Ceremony. 4PM onwards. Sunday, 4th Nov.”- @msisodia

The post has received over a thousand likes so far. However, soon after it was shared, a number of Twitter users posted in the comments section that the images used in the post were  not of the Signature Bridge in Delhi, but were actually of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

Facts: The images posted by Aam Aadmi Party are indeed of the Erasmus Bridge, and not of the Signature Bridge in Delhi, and the images posted by social media users in the comments sections are accurate. These images can be seen in a video posted by ACTLD, a firm that provides architectural lighting design. The video was posted in April 2017.

The same image has also been used by the firm in the ‘Our Work’ section of their website.

Conclusion: This is hardly the first time political parties have used the wrong picture on social media. Earlier, Metafact had debunked a similar instance when the Chief Minister of Karnataka claimed to have built the world’s largest solar park using an altered image. However, even after quite a few people pointed out that the image was wrong, the AAP has not taken down the tweet or issued a clarification.


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