Are Social Media Posts About The Death Of Rowan Atkinson, The Mr. Bean Actor, True?

Are Social Media Posts About The Death Of Rowan Atkinson, The Mr. Bean Actor, True?

By: Soumadip Dey


A message has surfaced on social media claiming that Rowan Atkinson, the actor best known for having played the role of Mr. Bean, has died.


Facebook and Twitter.

What Happened:

A picture has gone viral on social media of a photograph that purports to show an obituary of Rowan Atkinson who is famous for having played the role of Mr. Bean, the well meaning but bumbling tornado of disaster. The photograph is an obituary with the date of death mentioned as the 18th of July, 2018.



The image was initially shared by a Facebook page Twenty and had received close to 165k shares and 87k reactions before it was deleted.




A number of other pages and people also started posting this image with an identical narrative. The image can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, where fans have expressed their condolences on his apparent demise.




The viral message that Rowan Atkinson is dead is in fact false, and has been doing the rounds online for quite some time now. The hoax actually began two years ago, in 2016, when a message went viral claiming that the actor had committed suicide. However, the message then was in fact part of a phishing operation to steal people’s personal information via social media. It was part of a scam that would affect unsuspecting user’s computers or mobile phones with virus.



After the false news of the actor’s apparent demise went viral again, a few news channels ran stories about how it was a hoax story and the actor is alive and well. In fact, the DailyMail website also published an article that said that the death hoax helped reveal the net worth of the actor.




The fact that the news of such a famous actor dying was not reported by even a single prominent media house should have been enough to make anyone realise that this was a hoax. It also not the only recent death hoax, we at Metafact had earlier debunked a similar story about Sylvester Stallone that claimed he had died of cancer.

False/Death Hoax

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