No It’s Not Wing Commander Abhinandan Dancing With Pakistan Army And Airforce Personal.

Claim: Wing Commander Abhinandan Dances With Pakistan Army And Airforce Personal.

What Happened: A video has been upload to a Facebook page that goes by the name of “#Abhinandan dancing with the Army and Air Force in Pakistan.


This video was uploaded to Facebook couple of hour ago and has already been shared more than 3000 time and the count is going up. In this video it’s stated that the captures IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan is dancing with Army and Airforce personal of Pakistan.

The same video was uploaded to Youtube by a channel called Zee Nation on 23rd February 2019 under the headline – Pakistan Air Force Officer Celebration moments | Chita Chola Song

Facts: Looking closer at the person described as Wing Commander Abhinandan, it’s clear that the physical attributes don’t match with those of the captured IAF pilot. On a closer inspection the shoulder patch can been seen carrying the Pakistan insignia.

Wing Commander Abhinandan who will be released today by Pakistan was caught on captured by Pakistan Army on 27th of February when his jet was shot down in what Islamabad called a “retaliation” to India conducting airstrikes in its territory.”

Conclusion: This video was recorded before the hostilities between India and Pakistan started and does show the Pakistan Army and Air force personal dancing to a hit song but mentioning the name of Wing Commander Abhinandan as being one of the personal is totally false.


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