Old Picture Of Clash Between Police And Protester Resurfaces And Gets Retweeted On Social Media With False Claim

Old Picture Of Clash Between Police And  Protester Resurfaces And Gets Retweeted On Social Media With False Claim

By: Pradarshi Paul


Kavita Krishnan, the Secretary of the AIPWA and Polit Bureau member, CPI(ML), tweeted an image recently about a clash between farmers and the police. The post was later retweeted with an additional claim connecting it to recent farmer protests.




What Happened:

Recently, Kavita Krishnan, the Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association and a CPI (ML) Polit Bureau member, tweeted an image with the following caption: ”Look at the farmer with a brick in his hand, facing a cop with a gun. If you don’t think the farmer is a terrorist – and I hope you don’t – if you empathise with his anger, I hope you’ll think again before you call a Kashmiri kid with a stone in his hand a terrorist.”



This post has been retweeted more than 3,500 times

It has been also been shared by many users on Twitter and Facebook, who appeared to be under the impression that this picture was from the recent farmer protests in North India.


Many more users retweeted this as well. A Facebook page called I am with Barkha Dutt’ also posted this image, and at the time of writing it has been shared around 3.5k times.


This post continues to be shared widely on Facebook.



The claim made by the Twitter user, Zoo Bear is false and seems to be based on the context of the tweet being made at the same time the farmer protests were happening. However, this picture is not from the recent Kisan Kranti Yatra.

This image is actually from Meerut, during the 2013 protest against a ban on a mahapanchayat organization.


Media outlets like The Indian Express and The Hindu had also published this picture on the day of these protests.

However, after realizing that this is an old picture, the same Twitter user tweeted an apology for retweeting this picture


Kavita Krishnan shared an old image, but did not claim it was from the recent farmer protest. That was a conclusion that Twitter users reached on their own, given the political context of the tweet.


This is hardly the first time that an old image with a false claim has gone viral on social media. However, there was no attempt to mislead on the part of the original Tweeter, social media users reached that conclusion on their own.

Partially False/Wrong Context

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