Were The Streets Really Empty During Rahul Gandhi’s Karnataka Road Show?

Were The Streets Really Empty During Rahul Gandhi’s Karnataka Road Show?


A video claiming that Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow in Karnataka did not draw an audience or supporters has been widely circulated on social media.


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What Happened:

A video has been doing the rounds on social media claiming that attendance was sparse at Rahul Gandhi’s recent roadshow in Karnataka. The video was shared on various WhatsApp groups with the caption: ” देखे कर्नाटक राहुल गांधी के रोड शो में कैसे उमड़ा जन सैलाब”

The video shows relatively empty streets as a number of vehicles drive by, one of which contains the Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi. From WhatsApp groups, the video soon made its way to other social platforms and was later tweeted by the BJP’s official Twitter handle.

This particular tweet has received close to fifteen hundred shares and retweets and over three thousand likes on Twitter.

The WhatsApp video has also been posted on Facebook by the page India 272+, which has close to a million followers.

Ever since it was posted, it has been shared almost ten thousand times. and been watched more than three hundred thousand times. There are also over eight hundred comments on this particular post.

Apart from these posts, the video has been shared independently by many social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.


Both the Congress and BJP President had organized rallies and roadshows in Bangalore on the 9th May, 2018. According to this TOI article, both events had resulted in serious inconvenience to people in Bangalore.

The article mentions how Rahul Gandhi’s ‘high-voltage roadshows’ halted traffic in Chickpet and other regions.

The news was also covered in a local news channel called Tv9 Kannada, and the reportage can be viewed on their YouTube channel. The video shows a fairly substantial crowd at the Congress President’s roadshow.

Another news channel called Suvarna News also covered the rally, and their video also shows a substantial crowd attending the Congress president’s rally.


With the Karnataka assembly elections scheduled for the 12th of May, there have been a slew of false and misleading posts circulating on social media platforms by the Congress and the BJP. Metafact has already debunked a number of false claims related to Karnataka elections. This post, like the ones before it, attempt to denigrate the political position of its target by using incomplete or misleading information to create a false narrative. While the relative numbers of Amit Shah’s roadshow might have been much higher than Rahul Gandhi’s, the 1 minute 45 second clip shared on social media does not give a true picture of Congress President’s roadshow in Chickpet.

Partially False/Misleading

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